Ulli Schauen Portrait

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My passion is life long learning, getting to know people's differing lives and views.

As a journalist I like to dig out relevant stories, producing them for the most suitable media - be it radio or TV, print media, in a book or on the web. Some specialties: Social subjects, migration, science-related stories, critical views of religion and the churches.

As media trainer I love to empower people who have a story to tell. I train them in dealing with the media. In the years 2011 to 2014 I trained scientists all over Europe in an EU programme.The reviews by my customers were good.

I have been working also for the empowerment of freelancers through advice giving and publications. This is  to  top through the trade union's hotline mediafon and the WDR-Dschungelbuch, a handbook for freelancers working fora Germany's largest public broadcaster.

Training with colleagues in journalism crafts mainly in the digital media, in radio and TV, has started in the 1990s in Germany before I did it in conjunction with Deutsche Welle Akademie from 2014 to 2019 in Kenya. I focused on election reporting, investigative reporting and reporting on governance topics.

The need of the Kenyan journos for primary sources and some hints on how to use them led me to devise, manage and edit roggkenya.org. The site was a tool for fostering independently-minded reporting on governance topics in Kenya. Like everywhere, one of the prerequisites is first-hand knowledge about the rules and their authoritative original source - rules that should be (but often aren't) followed by the state entites. RoGGKenya.org is currently evolving into a mere blog, so I do not link it here any more.