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Producer/Editor at WDR, public broadcaster in Cologne, 1987-1989
Freelance reporter and author for radio, print, web and TV since 1989
Author of books since 2002
Workshop trainer teaching journalistic techniques since 1992
Media Trainer since 2011 - Science Communication in European Union
Counselor for media freelancers since 1994
Social Media Producer since 2022


Diploma in Social Sciences from University of Göttingen
Journalism studies at Cologne school for economic journalism (w. degree) and at the Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley, USA.
Additional education as journalist at WDR Cologne ("volontariat")

Digital Stuff, WWW, Social Media

Webmaster of several own websites since 1996, full time web producer during the internet bubble of 2000, relaunched together with Peter Diesler (thriving til about 2018) and worked on (shut down since 2001). Visit my webpages, follow me on twitter and become my contact on linkedin ("X"), XING and facebook, tiktok, instagram and youtube.


Chairman in the labour union IG Medien for freelancers at public radio and TV WDR from 1990 to May 1, 1995. Participant in collective bargaining at that station. Chairman of the self employed at service union ver.di from 2000 until 2011.


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